Downtown Nashville & Love Circle Engagement

I am SO glad that we did this downtown Nashville and Love Circle engagement photos before it got too crazy with Coronavirus everywhere. When I arrived in Nashville, it wasn’t to the point of not wanting to pass by someone on the street without crossing the road, and I’m super grateful because some of my favorite shots are from our time downtown on Broadway and in Printer’s Alley. We almost postponed because of the tornado damage and the rain in the forecast, but I’m so thankful Jess and Patrik were not going to let anything stop them. Looking back, if we hadn’t done it then, it would have been MONTHS because it was just days after this they started telling everyone not to travel and to stay at home as much as possible.

I met Jessica when she was a bridesmaid at one of my weddings from 2019. That entire wedding was fun, and she added the perfect amount of humor to all of our portrait time. Patrik was there, but I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with the guests as I do with the bridal party. So, my first time really meeting him was under the walking bridge in the Nissan Stadium parking lot. They were both sharply dressed. I could tell from a mile away they were the people I was meeting, and I was stoked. Her sequined jumper and his black suit had me ūüėćAnd it wasn’t just me. We kept passing people as we walked around downtown that would comment on how great they looked. One of the perks of having your photos where there are a lot of people is your confidence will skyrocket because of the sweet things people yell at you. Especially when I tell you to kiss. It works for some couples, while others would turn bright red and crawl under a cardboard box to hide ūüėāIt worked for Jessica and Patrik.

After we left downtown, we finished up at Love Circle. It’s this hilltop that is cleared off with a windmill and some electric boxes, and you have a view of downtown like no other. You’re surrounded by mansions, and on a day with no clouds, the sunset is EPIC. Like I said earlier, there was rain in the forecast, and the bright side to that is the clouds enabled us to shoot in any direction we wanted without having to worry about the sun. So, we got the incredible Nashville skyline, but we also got the mountains and wooded area, too. If you live in Nashville and have never been to Love Circle, you should check it out. I would recommend doing a weekday because there are way fewer people ūüėĀ

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