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Oh man, you guys. This family means a lot to me. I feel like I say that a lot on here. Talking about my different clients, but this one is an extra lot. This is my virtual assistant, right hand woman, idea bouncer off-er, play date partner, small group leader, amazing helper, and absolutely stunning pregnant friend, Beth, and her beautiful family Adam, Scarlett, and baby boy Tuesburg. Does anyone else think she is just a gorgeous pregnant woman?? We actually met for the first time at small group when she was pregnant with Scarlett. I remember her talking about “pregnant nose” and how she hopes she never gets it. Well, she didn’t then, she doesn’t now, and she’s quite possibly the cutest little pregnant thing I’ve ever seen.

Family of three holding hands

Since Beth started working with me, I’ve photographed her family twice (two other times, as well, but it was before she was on the AMP team). Both times she introduced me to new locations that I have just fallen totally in love with. She may have the most perfect handwriting known to man, but this girl has definitely got a really fun, creative side to her brain, too! The first time was at their family photos in 2018 at Melton Hill Park. I hadn’t been there in FOREVER, and I had never shot there before. Since then, I have been back literally dozens of times. Fast forward to this Maple Grove Estate maternity session, and they took me to another new venue. Why Maple Grove Estate, you may ask? Because itโ€™s where they got married. Isn’t that so sweet?? The next pictures Dustin and I have are definitely going be at Crescent Bend. I just love that idea! Not only did she give me the idea, but she also took me to a venue I have never shot at before. It’s crazy to think I’ve been doing this for 10 years and shot over 100 weddings, and there are still venues in Knoxville I haven’t shot at! Maple Grove Estate, you guys. It. is. stunning. After being there with the Tuesburgs and getting to venture inside and outside of their property, I am just DYING to go back! Please, someone book a wedding there and hire me as their photographer!! I mean, I’m not begging or anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you scroll through these, I have a feeling you’re going to fall in love with this Maple Grove Estate maternity session as much as I have. I’m so thankful for this sweet little family, and I am so absolutely blessed by them in so many ways. There are literally no words to describe how near and dear they are to my heart.

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