Newborn Photo Session

Ann and Zach are on the same trajectory as Dustin and me in regards to children. Grayson and Pryor are in the same class at Fountain City United Methodist, and Hazel and Mabry are just 8 months apart. We both had boys first and girls second. She lives in Halls, and we live in Fountain City. It’s really kind of crazy how many similarities we have, and when I walked into their house for Mabry’s newborn photo session, I realized what similar taste in decor we have, too. Mabry’s nursery is 😍😍😍😍😍

I realize what you’re thinking right now. You went to their house for a newborn photo session!?!?! During COVID-19 lockdown??? Yes, I did. It was before the Stay Home, Stay Safe rule was enacted for Knox County, and I took EVERY precaution necessary. Before you start judging, just hear me out. All the baby props I use and the clothes I wore were washed the night before, and I left them in the dryer until I was walking out the door. I got dressed and purposely put a sweatshirt over top of my shirt. I knew the Cole family had been also practicing the CDC recommendations because leading up to Mabry arriving, Ann was very pregnant and at high risk with regards to being susceptible to the coronavirus. I brought Lysol and Clorox wipes with me, and Ann had Germ-X everywhere. I sprayed my camera bag, prop bag, and keys down before I walked in. Then, I wiped down my phone, camera, and all my lenses before beginning. I took my sweatshirt off so if I had picked up anything in our car (which we Lysol every time we get in and out of it), it was not coming in contact with Mabry. I continued to wipe down every surface I used with Mabry and used Germ-X continuously throughout the session.

We took every single precaution. We kept our distance from one another (except for me with Mabry of course while I was posing her), and truly took all the precautions. It’s now been two weeks, and none of us have shown any symptoms so I’m confident we were successful!

Why tell you all this? I want you to know that AMP is taking this seriously. I refuse to be the reason someone else catches COVID-19. I’m such a hugger and not being able to hug my people if and when I get to see them is KILLING me. All of my preview parties are virtual through Zoom right now, and it’s just not the same! It’s obviously the best option for the time being, but I cannot wait to start having them in person If I can do it, however, so can you. The more people who take ALL the precautions and truly practice the recommendations from the CDC, the faster this is all going to be over. Please, just do it. Suck it up, and do it.

P.S. love you guys dearly.

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