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I have to share with you guys this really cool thing that God is doing in Amanda May Photos. In the past when I have needed my schedule to be clear for something enormous that I wouldn’t have exact control over when it would happen… a.k.a. having my babies… He has cleared the way. He has made weird things happen in order to make sure that I would have the months off that I needed to have off in order to have adequate time with my babes. In 2020 He has done this two times now already. One was when we moved. It was a completely unforeseeable move. We weren’t actively looking for a house but this one came up and it was too good to be true and we did not have any idea that we would be moving in January. Thank GOODNESS I didn’t have weddings in January and February (well February 29th was my first one back but that’s practically March 1). It was SUCH a stressful time getting our house on the market, packing, showing our house… I could not take ANYmore on our plate. Then we got moved, got a contract on our house and my wedding season started back. I had four back to back to back weddings starting February 29th. It was a really crazy bizarre spurt of weddings compared to my typical March but it was awesome. Full of GORGEOUS sunny days and right after last weekend’s the CDC came out with the no 50+ people gatherings. I wasn’t supposed to start back until April 11th, so I definitely have rescheduled weddings from April 11th, 18th and 25th as well as May 2nd, but it could have been way worse if I had weddings between March 14th and April 11th. Now I have a full August 2020 so it’ll be fun this fall! God is just so so good and He sees these things before we ever do and He has a plan. I’m not here telling you to try and figure his plan out, but look at the footprints He has left in your life and find ways that He has been faithful so you can cling to those during times of trial.

I so wasn’t planning on talking about all this in Amy and Adam’s Ramble Creek Vineyard wedding blog, but here we are. I just adore Amy and Adam so much and am so thankful that we were able to celebrate them this past weekend. We joked about them getting stuck in Cabo on their honeymoon. Then that crazy fake news happened yesterday and we really did think they might get stuck… and honestly… there could be worst places but thankfully that wasn’t the case.

bride and groom in front of barn doors

I am just so excited to share this Ramble Creek Vineyard wedding with you tonight in hopes to bring some happiness to your chaos right now. So happy scrolling friends.

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Vendors used by Amy & Adam:

Venue: Ramble Creek

Videographer: Risen Valley

Florist: Athens Flower Shop

Cake: Ramble Creek Cakes

Bridal Makeup: Molly Simbeck

Bridal Hair: Hair Therapy

Wedding Dress: The White Room – Lebanon

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire: JoS. A. Bank

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