Winter Engagement at Melton Hill Park

If you have ever been introduced to me or been the person who introduces me to someone else, you’ve heard me say I’m bad with names. I am the world’s worst. I want to think it’s because there are 900 things coursing through my head at any given time (hello 3 on the Enneagram), and there’s just no room for all the names of all the people or songs or music artists or actors or movies or flower types or bird types. When I say I’m bad at names, I truly mean I’m horrible with names of anything. Not just people. When I got out of my car to photograph this winter engagement at Melton Hill Park, I said, “Hey, Ashley! Hey, Wes! How are you guys?!” They responded with a, “So good! So excited for this,” and I started my normal spiel as we headed to our first location.

We are on the dock, and I realized I never asked if they went by a different name. So, I said, “Oh yeah, and you do go by Ashley and Wes, right?” With a little smirk, Stephen looked at me and said, “Quinn. My name is Stephen Quinn, but you can call me Quinn.” I swear, I’ve never turned so red. If the sun wasn’t blinding them in the eyes, they would have seen me immediately start sweating. How? How did I get his name wrong?? I read through their file RIGHT before I left the house. Turns out, I have an Ashley and Wes…different couple. This was Ashley and Stephen, and I felt HORRIBLE.

So, why tell you this? Why tell you something that does not reflect well on me? Because I want you to know I am human. I make mistakes just like anyone. I love to share on social media. I love to share on my blog. The things I share are all cute and pretty and picture worthy, but that is not everything that makes up Amanda May. So many people in my life right now have been talking about comparison. How they are constantly comparing themselves to everyone’s highlight reel. So, just in case there is anyone out there comparing themselves to my highlight reel, I got my couple’s name wrong at their winter engagement session at Melton Hill Park. I apologized profusely multiple times throughout the session, and the moment I realized I was forgiven was when Stephen said, “Actually, my name is Wes.” We all busted out laughing. I’m so thankful this couple showed me such grace because they definitely did not have to. All of my couples know I serve other couples, but I want them all to feel like I’m only serving them and getting their name wrong is the opposite of making them feel that way.

So, to Ashley and Quinn. Thank you. Thank you for your grace and then laughing about my awkward mistake just minutes later. Thank you for your kindness and being so darn photogenic. I’m in love with your engagement photos, and I hope you are, too!

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