Front Porch Project

This family is really quite something. We did their yard session before the total shut down due to COVID, and we didn’t even realize that we were really setting a trend. It’s now referred to as the front porch project (obviously kidding), but we totally did a “front porch project” session before it got named the “front porch project” ha! Well, technically, it was the front porch project, but also, the front yard project, the back yard project, and a little bit inside the house project (which would make people run for the hills now – just a couple weeks later ūü§£).

Anyway, this family is amazing because as we concluded our session together, we joked about how INSANE people were with buying toilet paper. Shortly after, the same thing started happening with all the surface cleaners. In this household, we stuck to the “only take what you need” method so there’s enough for everyone, and it really came back to bite us because we officially ran out yesterday. Dustin left in the morning and had to go to 8 different stores before he found some off-brand disinfectant wipes at Aldi. We still have yet to find Lysol. While he scoured Knoxville, I scoured the internet, and it’s literally nowhere, you guys. How in the world were we going to disinfect our packages coming in the mail??? He only bought two containers of them (when there were at least 40 on the shelf) to let someone else in our circumstance still be able to get some who needed them, and I really hope this time it doesn’t bite us in the butt again. I say that because in the middle of our disinfectant crisis, Carolyn texts me to just check in on us. I told her our current state of desperation, and she immediately messaged me back and said they had two extra and would be happy to share with us. Wow. Just, wow. That’s what you call true, unselfish friends right there. There is literally not a single disinfectant wipe or spray to be found in Knoxville, and she is going to give some away. Thankfully, we didn’t have to take her up on her offer, but I’m super thankful these are the people the Lord has placed in mine and Dustin’s life. Unselfish and generous and so stinking sweet.

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