Shoreline Elopement

There are so many brides having to change their wedding plans right now. To the normal person, it looks like two options: 1. Postpone everything and have the big party later or 2. Elope and have a super small gathering now. Really, there are so many more options than that. You can stream your ceremony. You can limit your guest count to 10. You can have your ceremony now and postpone your reception until later. You can push everything to late summer/fall or push it a full year to next year. This decision is not an easy one for anybody, but I love what Holly and Randy said when they told their guests via Zoom/Facebook Live about why they chose to just do a quick Shoreline elopement style wedding. They said there are so many things out of their control right now, but there is one thing they have full authority over, which is the love they share. They didn’t have to wait. They didn’t have to have the big massive wedding ceremony. They could get married right now.

So, they did.

We gathered for their Shoreline elopement in front of the crosses during a gorgeous sunset, and they said yes to forever together. The giddiness and excitement between them was impenetrable. I was not their original wedding photographer, but since she lives in Nashville, I was asked to be their elopement photographer. Let me tell you, I’m so thankful I could be. It’s been too long since I photographed a wedding, you guys. I started to forget how much they inspire me and how much of a romantic I am. There is just nothing like it. Whether it is a big, full day or just a small, intimate gathering, I love them all the same.

Side note…the way the light is hitting the crosses on that hilltop beside Shoreline gives me all the feels. God is so so great. The morning of this wedding was ugly. Dark clouds, rain, cold, but the evening was full of warmth and beautiful light. I could literally feel the Holy Spirit surrounding this sweet ceremony.

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