The Studio at Fountain City Engagement Session

Right before this pandemic, Dustin and I moved into a house on Gibbs Drive in Fountain City. There was a painting studio in the back that I have since converted to a photography studio. I had just finished it when COVID-19 took over the nation. I was planning to do a soft launch party for photographers in March and with the option to rent it out afterwards, but obviously, that didn’t happen because of social distancing. So, I may not be able to share my space with others right now, but I did get a chance to use it before we all went on total lockdown. It was right when the blooms came out so I didn’t use the inside at all actually. Most of these were done on the sidewalk on Gibbs Drive, in my front yard, and in the back yard right around The Studio at Fountain City. This was the first session I shot here outside, and I just loved it. I am absolutely thrilled to open this space up for rent when the world settles down, and I’m not having to disinfect every inch of everything any time I leave my house.

Enough about The Studio at Fountain City, and on to Natalie and Anthony. I first met Natalie at the Hunter Valley Farm Open House this past winter. She came up to me, and said, “Hey, Amanda! I’ve followed you for a while, and I am OBSESSED with your work. Pllleeeeaaaase tell me you have October 23rd open to shoot my wedding!” I would have had almost ANY Friday open all year, but I actually did not have that one specific Friday because I am shooting a wedding in Detroit and fly out that day. With a sad look on my face, I told her, and she said, “Oh! Well, that’s okay! We can get married the Friday before!” With a gigantic hug and cheesing smiles on both of our faces, right then and there she became an #AMPbride. We took a picture and talked details until we shut the open house down. Fast forward to their engagement photos, and my, oh my, do I love this couple so much. They were so much fun, so real and honest, and we will 100% walk away friends when our professional relationship is all said and done.

Thank you for trusting me with photos at The Studio at Fountain City instead of some public area! Your hair is literally perfect, Natalie, and Anthony, you’ve got that nuzzle down, dude. Now, I wish it wasn’t so long till the wedding. Actually, I’m glad because that means you shouldn’t have to reschedule.

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