Backyard Elopement

May 16th was their original date. They had planned it all out, we went to Gatlinburg for their engagement photos, and it was set to roll with all their favorite people in Pine Mountain State Park. And then Corona happened. Like you’ve heard dozens of times already. Like you’ve experienced for yourself probably. The next 5 years will contain statements of “… but then Corona happened”. And they had to push their big wedding day. The one that was all of Courtni’s dreams coming true. Which meant they were now free to celebrate a smaller gathering on May 16th with their closest family and friends with a backyard elopement. Because of this, they did things completely different. They did things how Jacob dreamed. Originally he wanted red and black colors and all the guys to be in jeans. Courtni wanted pink and blue with suits. Before COVID, they had met in the middle with a black and red outfit in their engagement photos, but now, they got to do Jacob’s style during their backyard elopement. It was a really sweet silver lining to an otherwise annoying bump in the road. On top of that, Courtni got to wear her mother’s wedding dress, which fit like a glove with no alterations! AND they are legally married and able to start their married life in anticipation of the big party they are going to have on July 10th!

I know it’s not what they thought was going to happen but they have rolled with the changes flawlessly. From the time that I met them for their initial booking consultation, to their engagement photos, to their backyard elopement, and I know the same will be true for their big wedding day… these two are totally smitten with one another. They are able to just let all the changes roll off their backs effortlessly because they aren’t focused on the big flashy details… they are focused on their marriage. Yes, those big flashy details are still happening, but it’s not the end of the world to switch it up a little because ultimately all that REALLY matters is that they have each other. It’s an important lesson that I’m learning with a lot of my couples during this season and I’m so thankful that it is resinating down deep in my soul.

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