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As you may have noticed, I’ve started shooting more and more weddings at Castleton Farms. I genuinely love shooting there and every time I book a wedding there, I throw a little internal party because it’s just SOOO pretty and the team there is just SOOO great! I don’t need to talk about how gorgeous it is because you get to see that for yourself every time I post a Castleton Farms wedding blog. So today, as part of this Castleton Farms Branding blog, I want to talk about how incredible the team is and a little bit more about the business branding sessions I’ve started offering!

I got together with Danyelle, the lead coordinator, to set up a Castleton Farms branding session last week. I work with Danyelle and Taylor at every wedding and most of the in-between moments as well and I just adore these ladies. They are funny, authentic, so so sweet, joyful, caring, and just real. They can make any person feel welcomed (one reason why they are SO good at their job) and knows how to keep the show going beautifully no matter what! They are surrounded by a team of assistants that are both adorable and so sweet. My time with them at this Castleton Farms branding session was full of giggles as we all hung out on their gorgeous property! There are two key ingredients of a good venue, one being the venue itself and the other are the people that run it. If you choose Castleton as your wedding venue, those two ingredients are more than awesome!

Now speaking of branding photos. It’s very common in photography that we put our personal touch into everything. We have promo videos, we have pictures of ourselves on our website, we have our face in our social media profiles, we make captions about us, etc… We have to do this because there are SO many photographers that one of the key differences between us is that it is different people running the show. Imagine if all small businesses did this. Imagine if you were chosen not only by your skill and your price but also your sweet persona. Your story is what makes your business yours and telling it will only draw in the type of customers that you want to work with. And here’s where business branding sessions come in. Getting you and your team in your element. Showing your face and telling your story. Making you the face of your business instead of a logo (not discounting the logo, you need a good one, but nothing can be better than YOU!). Even when your business isn’t the “cute” one. Castleton isn’t a good example of this because it’s gorgeous, but this theory goes for all small businesses… even the ones like electricians, plumbers, concrete pourers, real estate, etc… It’s time to get you in there doing what you love and there’s no better way to do it than with a branding session! These photos will transform your website, social media, and other marketing tools into a business that your customers can’t get anywhere else and that is what drives the demand up for you… because there is only one of you. The goal is to educate people of that by using your branding photos and make them fall in love with you. Then they hire you because you’re you… not because you are the cheapest or the closest.

The hardest part of consistently putting your story into your business marketing is having a high volume of photos of yourself to tell your story with. That is why I am offering a monthly membership to have either monthly or quarterly branding sessions with me to update your online presence regularly keeping your story fresh in people’s minds and making them fall in love with you more and more. Email me for more info !

I’m a Knoxville Wedding Photographer that loves to travel…I shoot anywhere! Click here to contact me with any questions you have about pricing or booking! If you liked what you saw above, go ahead and follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see my daily updates of the latest sessions!

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