Sampon’s Hollow Elopement

Jonathan and Kaela had a Sampson’s Hollow Elopement last week with two very special little guests. One of the massive benefits to doing a small intimate wedding is that you can really do it however you like, with absolutely no rules. Sometimes this means letting your pups be your only guests. Technically Jonathan and Kaela have 4 dogs, but the two that were behaved enough to attend were Paxil and Bumex. Now, when Jonathan and Kaela are reading this, they are going to impressed that I remembered their dog’s names because let me tell you about this.

Jonathan is a pharmacist and they named their doggies after prescription drugs. Paxil is an antidepressant and Bumex is a diuretic. For some reason, my brain could NOT process their names at their Sampson’s Hollow Elopement. Everytime I went to say their names, I wanted to call Paxil, pixel (that one makes sense since I am so used to talking in terms of pixels with photography), pixar, paxar, pretty much any combination of those letters that was not Paxil. And poor Bumex was either Boo-max or Beau-mex… I just had the hardest time and thankfully both Jonathan and Kaela laughed at my ignorance the whole time. So to my surprise, as I started writing this blog post, and their names just popped right into my head like I never forgot them in the first place. I did have to look up how to spell them because prescription drugs are basically another language, but I am impressed that the information got stored well enough to recall in the first place ha.

Anyway. This was a super cute little Sampson’s Hollow Elopement, complete with the wild flower field, walking bridge, and mountain views. There’s one point in the ceremony where Bumex put his paw in Kaela’s hand and it was the sweetest thing in history. But don’t take my word for it, scroll through and see for yourself!

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