3 Months Lifestyle Session

I absolutely adore the fact that this little man is surrounded by 3 sisters that are totally smitten with him 24/7. This is Kairyn’s 3 months lifestyle session. I get to see this crew every 3 months, and I swear the amount of growth that happens in each child over a 3 month span is CRAZY. Literally, 6 months ago when I was there for one of Avenly’s sessions, Brilyn was the one that we were bribing the whole time to get her to do what we wanted her to do. Now, she hops in front of my camera like a literal model and poses and has ideas and helps make the babies smile. Elliana (the oldest) has been a gem from the beginning, but I think that’s because I didn’t come in until she was a little bit older. Avenly needs a little coaxing now, but once baby Kai comes into the pictures, all hearts melt, and they are arguing over which one gets to snuggle him the closest. It really is adorable, and if I didn’t know better, I would think Morgan and Tophor have it easy because they make it look effortless. Four kids, you guys. How in the world do you make four kids look effortless? I don’t know because it is ANYTHING but that ūüėā and I admire how well they do this whole parenting thing.

Our sessions have a little different spin on them now that there is a boy in the mix. Historically, we have taken a shot of all the girls lying on the ground with their heads going in opposite directions. But now, Tophor gets his own head shot, and the boys lay down. It’s really quite adorable, and there is nothing like this 3 months lifestyle session to keep your eyes as hearts the whole time.

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