Castleton Farms Sunset Engagement Session

This is going on the eighth engagement session I have shot at Castleton Farms. So crazy to think this was a MAJOR goal of mine just two short years ago. The Disney family initially opened the door for me to build this relationship. Since then, it has flourished, and I’m so so so incredibly thankful. Most of the engagement sessions I have shot at Castleton Farms have had a gorgeous sunset, and this Castleton Farms sunset engagement session was no exception.

Katie and Lucas drove with their family all the way from Kingsport, Tennessee, to meet me at Castleton Farms for their engagement session. When I asked Katie how she chose Castleton Farms as her venue, she said Lucas was in a wedding there, and when she came as his date, she fell in love. I love this. It is the biggest and most deserved compliment for Castleton. As a vendor, when a guest’s experience with you was so awesome that they turned into a client themselves, it’s a really great feeling. It’s proof that all your hard work to make sure not only the bride and groom but also the people they care most about (their guests) have an amazing day truly is seen and appreciated.

I absolutely loved getting to know Katie and Lucas better. Lucas owns a golf course, which means he’s basically an expert golf cart driver. A fact I found out about him as I was driving him on a golf cart. In a weird way, I immediately got really critical of myself and all of my golf cart driving skills 😂 Katie played softball and now coaches and has the most amazing arms you’ll ever see. I think I might have even told her I needed her workout routine in the middle of their session 😂 Together, they are absolutely adorable. They are obviously super close to their families because their moms, cousin, and uncle also joined us for their Castleton Farms sunset engagement session. We got lots of perfect shots with great lighting and a flawless backdrop, but one of my favorite photos from the whole time was at the very end when they all gathered around Katie’s uncle Robby laughing and smiling at each other. I can literally feel the love penetrating through the photo, and it makes me so happy. I have no doubt their 2021 wedding day is going to be chock full of emotional, sweet, sentimental moments.

I hope you have as much fun looking through these as I had editing them! Thanks for being here, friends.

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