Front Porch Elopement

Katie and Rhett were scheduled to get married at The Press Room on May 23, 2020. Corona struck and they were postponed a couple months. It was stressful picking a day and lining up all of their vendors and having to do a Friday instead of a Saturday… and then the guidelines for their postponement date came out and they were forced to postpone again. It’s like just when you start to find your bearings and come around to the idea of getting married later, you get sucker punched again. But this time they decided to go ahead and say their vows at their Front Porch Elopement on their original wedding date at 7 in the morning surrounded by their most adored family members.

This was an AMP associate wedding which means that Leah Nicole Photo, my associate photographer, was shooting it. She did their engagement session several months back, had scheduled bridal portraits, and was the lead photographer for their Press Room wedding. So when Katie and Rhett reached out to me about photographing their front porch elopement the morning of their family beach trip, I was so excited that Leah was available!

The minute that Katie and Rhett decided to go ahead and get married at their front porch elopement was the minute that they finally had peace over the whole corona postponement thing. When they decided to say their vows and commit to one another forever, that did not mean that they had to cancel their celebration. It didn’t mean that he had to see her wedding dress. It didn’t mean that they had to do their honeymoon right now. It just meant that they could start their lives together and in a couple months celebrate that whole thing again with ALL of their family and friends at one of the most gorgeous wedding venues, The Press Room!

So, big shout out to Leah for taking photos of Katie and Rhett’s front porch elopement at 7 in the morning! You are awesome and I am so in love with all of the sweet sweet emotion that was there that morning!

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