Rainy Downtown Knoxville Engagement Session

You know how we had the best spring ever? It felt like the cool temperatures lasted for 2 months, and all the blooms came out in waves so they lasted the whole time. Then, there was a week of crazy spring showers where it was supposed to be beautiful, but all of a sudden it would be storming and an hour later it was back to being pretty. Now, we are in straight summer humidity. Well, Brooke and Ian’s rainy Downtown Knoxville engagement session fell in that weird spring shower week. I checked the weather the night before, and there was only a 20% chance of rain. We were in the clear. It was literally gorgeous all day long. 40 minutes before I was due to meet them, it started raining. Thankfully, I hadn’t left the house yet and was able to grab the clear umbrellas. Even more thankfully, they are awesome and just embraced the rain.

I learn so so so much about my couples at the engagement session. If it weren’t for Brooke and Ian’s rainy Downtown Knoxville engagement, I probably wouldn’t have known Ian works at a car dealership my husband sells to, and Brooke does the eyelashes of one of my other clients that I LOVE and have always admired how great her lashes looked! I would have never realized just how laid back and awesome they are, and actually, Ian loves photos and was looking forward to our session that whole day. Brooke did her own makeup and totally killed it. She proceeded to tell me she planned on doing it herself on the wedding day, too, which I think is an awesome idea because it looked perfect.

I love how personal the engagement sessions get. When we end, I truly feel like we have developed a friendship, and I’m no longer a stranger capturing some of your most intimate moments.

Thank you, Brooke and Ian, for embracing the rain and making your rainy Downtown Knoxville engagement session one for the books! You guys are incredible.

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