Rainy Marblegate Farm Engagement

The beginning of this rainy Marblegate Farm engagement session kicked off with some thundering in the distance and a light sprinkle. The awesome part is Koree and Connor were so flexible as we obsessively watched the weather to make sure it would be a pretty evening. It was a gorgeous all day long, and then, as soon as their session time came around, I’m outrunning a storm the entire drive to Marblegate Farm. It literally popped up out of nowhere and was a wee bit disappointing, but as we got started, I realized what a blessing it was to have a rainy Marblegate Farm engagement session because I wouldn’t want to shoot in the rain anywhere else. The tree coverage around Marblegate’s property was enough to give us no rainy hair but still take advantage of their beautiful grounds. Thankfully, the second half of our session had parted clouds with no rain and even a GORGEOUS sunset! Some of my favorite images from their session are at the very end down by the water with this epic glow behind their heads!

Now, to Koree and Connor. I need you guys to listen to how cute they are. Connor sings country music. He was looking for someone to film a music video with him at Myrtle Beach and reached out to Koree to see if she would do it. You can see this music video here in case you want to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gIc7JEBdCA&feature=youtu.be . In the video, they look like a real life couple. When they finished and Koree came back to Knoxville, Connor reached out to see if she wanted to go on a real date. She said yes, and here we are, nearly a year later shooting their rainy Marblegate Farm engagement session. I could tell immediately that they were comfortable in front of the camera because they are SO stinking adorable and so stinking photogenic. Any time I would pose them, they would end up doing something even cuter than I could have instructed them, and now, I have way too many photos in their gallery! ha!

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