Rainy Wedding at Hunter Valley Farm

The week before the wedding, Whitney reached out to me, and said, “I’m so worried it’s going to rain.” I didn’t even have to look at the forecast to reassure Whitney that even if it does rain, she’s at one of the BEST venues to handle it. I love a rainy wedding at Hunter Valley Farm because they have so many indoor spots to take pictures. They have white/gray walls, huge windows that fog when it rains, and two covered porches with BEAUTIFUL big doors as the backdrop. Plus, they have really thick tree coverage throughout the whole property if it’s just sprinkling. The options for variety with a rainy wedding at Hunter Valley Farm vs. a lot of other venues is really extensive. BUT listen to this awesomeness.

I used to share stories like this ALL the time. So often, in fact, that people would come up and talk to me about it in person. We woke up to a beautiful day on July 25th. I went to grab the bridal details from Whitney and even said to her, “The weather looks great!!!” At 2pm on the dot right as Whitney and her girls are set to arrive, however, the downpour started. Complete with lightning and thunder. They were running behind, which was a blessing because it allowed for the storm to pass a bit before they had to walk from the car in the rain! As soon as they got there, we did a few hair and makeup shots, and then, immediately got them all dressed. I kept checking outside where the rain was getting lighter and lighter, but the Dark Sky app on my phone was still calling for light rain for the next hour. I prepared to use the awnings and the window light, but just as we go outside, my second shooter tells me it has officially stopped raining. EEEK! Thank you, Jesus, for that break in the clouds because oh. my. gosh. The bride and groom portraits are just GOOOORGEOUS!!!!

We came back in at the end of their portraits to grab the bridal party. I round everyone up and am about to head back out when we realize it has started sprinkling again. No big deal at this point. Bridal party shots can easily be done inside, and we even had two different backdrops to use. It’s easier to hear, it’s easier for the girls to walk (heels in grass are no joke), it’s easier for the people not in front of the camera to chill because there is seating all around us…it’s just convenient. We wrap up bridal party photos and are inching closer and closer to the ceremony. Everyone is checking the radar. Are we going to make it outside??? 30 minutes before is the absolute LAST minute to call it because they have to get everything moved inside, get chairs setup for guests inside, and all the things before it starts. Right at that mark, it stopped raining again. This time for the remainder of the evening. WHAT?! Thank you, JESUS, for the part in clouds at the perfect time AGAIN!

Here’s the cherry on top. Off and on rain plus a thunderstorm is a recipe for a cloudy day. Thick, heavy clouds is what you would expect even if the rain subsides. But when I took the couple back out for their sunset photos (which are, by the way, some of my favorites of the whole day), we had GORGEOUS sunlight. Absolutely stunning.

I know there were a lot of prayers on Whitney’s behalf asking that the rain subside, and I just wanted all of you to know your prayers were definitely answered with a big, fat, gigantic YES!

So. cool.

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Vendors used by Whitney & Jordan:

Venue: The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm

Videography: Anthony Ricker Media and Design

Florist: Swank Floral

Cake: Soncera’s Sensational Cakes

DJ: Ogle Entertainment

Makeup: Megan Patton

Hair: Lacie Proffitt

Wedding Dress: Relix Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu

Men’s Attire: Cuff to Collar

Stationery: Minted Weddings

Second Photographer: Brittany Sidwell Photography

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