Hunter Valley Farm Engagement

Okay, first of all, did you know you could have Hunter Valley Farm engagement photos done even if you’re not getting married there? And not just engagement, you can rent the property hourly for any portraits! This includes engagement photos, anniversary photos, family photos, baby photos, maternity photos…pretty much anything you need photos for. I knew this, and I kept meaning to take advantage of it but just kept forgetting until FINALLY I remembered for Meghan and Ryan’s engagement photos. The only thing I’m mad about is that I did not do this sooner! It was literally perfect. All the spots there I want to shoot at on a wedding day but don’t because they’re out of walking distance, I got to use, and I am forever grateful because now I know just how good they are and will budget in time to get up there to use it for my wedding there on August 22nd!

I adore Meghan and Ryan. We had no idea when they chose me as their photographer that we would have SO much in common. They are both CPAs and both worked for EY. Meghan still does, but Ryan is a little smarty pants and is getting his PhD in accounting. What the heck?? So impressive. Also, Meghan is an audit manager at EY, and that is also just as impressive because holy moly that’s hard work, too! At the end of their Hunter Valley Farm engagement session, we chatted about public accounting life. It was so fun to reminisce with them and think through accounting world stuff like the crazy acronyms, the crazy hours, the new clients, insane busy season…shew…brought me back to those days and reminded me just how much I needed that season of life to get me where I am now.

I am absolutely so thrilled for their wedding at Castleton Farms next year. You’ve probably already profiled them as “boring number crunchers” as most people do when they hear the word accountant, but these two are far from that (and most accountants break the stereotype now-a-days, for the record 😜)! They are so much fun, and we genuinely laughed their ENTIRE session. I can’t wait for you guys to see the sweetness!

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