Owen Rechel Newborn at The Studio at Fountain City

The relationship that I have with the Rechels is incredible. I probably write about this on every single one of their blog posts. but every time I think about it, it’s just incredible so I’m sharing it again for all the new readers. Max, or daddy to Owen, was a videographer at a wedding I did YEARS ago. I’m talking more than 5 years ago. He took my card at the end of that wedding, and we parted ways. This is a common thing among vendors who work together for the first time at a wedding. We share cards and info. We support each other by following on social media, and then, we email out the deliverables when they’re ready. After we deliver the finished products, there’s not much more communication until the next event we work together. In this case, however, Max pulled back out that card years later when he proposed to Elise. The wedding we originally worked together was in Lexington, which is important, because when he reached out to me about his own wedding, he didn’t know I am from the same city Elise is from. Knoxville. And the real weird part is when we started really chatting, we both lived in the small area called Fountain City. Her grandparents are literally a couple miles from the studio. Her home church, and ultimately wedding ceremony, was literally within walking distance of my home. Fast forward to our first meeting at the studio, and Elise and I hit it off perfectly. I know that if they lived here, we would totally be “hang out” friends with these two. They are so stinking cool and so down to Earth and so similar to Dustin and me. I adore them. Now, they have brought little Owen into the world, and you guys, he’s perfect. This little angel of a baby is SO stinking cute and the actual sweetest. There is one disclaimer I have to make to you before you start scrolling though. If you’ve even had the slightest inkling of wanting another baby, be prepared for all the bombardment of all the baby wants because this little man is going to make your ovaries go into overdrive 😂!

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