Historic Westwood Senior Session

I met Maddy for the first time at the fundraiser I hosted for Hope Resource Center back in June. She and her family so graciously participated and chose to come back and use me for Maddy’s senior photos! We picked a couple dates that worked for both of us and made reservations with both a hair stylist and the venue. They chose to have a Historic Westwood senior session, and I was so excited to be back at this beautiful venue! Lining everything up with timing and dates was a little hard, but after a couple days we finally had everything good to go. Then, I got a phone call from my dermatologist telling me that the spot they biopsied came back as abnormal, and we needed to surgically remove the area around it to ensure no cancerous cells metastasize. The earliest they could get me in was September 16th, and you know what day we had just lined everything up for Maddy? September 17th! Ugh! So, I made the dreaded email to Catherine letting her know I could no longer do the 17th. I would have stitches and a lot of tenderness and with the area this spot is on, it is not something I could just push through.

I was nervous to come to them with this. I never ever ever ever reschedule on my clients. If there is any rescheduling being done, it is either because of weather or because of a conflict on their end. I didn’t want them to think they weren’t important on my calendar. The response I received, however, was so gracious and understanding. We immediately started the process of finding another date, and thankfully we squeezed in her session before my procedure.

During their session, I had some moments to get to know them better, and all I can say is #familygoals, you guys. John and Catherine have raised two beautiful children to love Christ and follow the calling He has on their life. Maddy is considering taking a year to do a mission trip overseas before she pursues her degree as a worship leader. At the end of their session, they asked me about my procedure, and then, they prayed for me. It was the kindest thing they could have done because at that point, just two days before the surgery, they had no idea I was dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety about it. I hate to say it, but I don’t really have many times in my life someone asked to pray for me outside of a church or meal setting. As uncomfortable as it can be, I want to be more intentional about praying for others outside of those settings as well.

Now, in full circle, I’m excited to tell you guys my procedure went well. I got my results back last week and have clear margins! No cancer here, guys! I’m healing well but definitely not 100% yet. I’m so thankful this happened when it did so I could experience Catherine and Maddy’s loving kindness and prayer! God has a purpose for every single client I work with, and this was definitely part of theirs!

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