Cades Cove Family Session in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

The day before the Menard’s family session in Cades Cove, I checked the weather, and it said 10% chance of rain. Okay. Perfect. I woke up at 6 in the morning and left by 6:30 and saw little dribbles of rain on my back deck. wait wait wait. hold on. 10%! But it wasn’t raining anymore so I chalked it up to another one of those random pop up showers and headed to this family session in Cades Cove. There is about a 10-15 mile stretch right before you get to Cades Cove where you lose your cell service, and you’re winding up the mountain. It started sprinkling there. It started getting really foggy. Literally JUST on this one road leading up to Cades Cove. I get to the line waiting to go in, I get with the Menards, and the misting is still there. We’re headed to their first spot, and the fog is thick and heavy. It’s creating lots of wildlife with lots of stopping traffic, and it’s taking an hour just to get to our first spot. We finally get there. I’m ready for Miranda to be super sad and super upset that it’s so foggy and rainy, but instead, I step out of the car to a couple who says, “This fog is SO cool!!” YEEESSS!!!! I am and will always be here for the optimism. Especially right now with the world falling to pieces. Finding the silver linings and looking to see the best even when it’s hard to find. There’s a challenge on the Christian radio station I listen to a couple times a year. They challenge people to listen to only Christian music for 30 days and see how it changes their life. I want to do the same thing, but instead, I challenge you to find the good in your situation for 30 days. Never harp on the bad. Whenever you’re in a bad mood, look around at your life and find the good things to really meditate on. Do this for 30 straight days, and see how it impacts your life.

Thank you to the Menards for helping me see that even when the fog is covering up crazy mountain views, the fog is still really cool in and of itself.

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