A couple months ago I was at the Castleton Experience to get some “behind the scenes” shots of the ladies working the event there. If you’ve never been to Castleton, their grounds are HUGE and really spread out. To get the entire event, I was trekking back and forth across the property over and over again. It was one of the hotter days we had in August, and when I landed in the carriage house for the last time, I stayed for a second to let myself cool off. As I stood there, this gorgeous girl walks up and says, “Are you Amanda May?” It always makes me smile so big when someone asks me this. Seriously, makes my DAY! I was cheesin’ when I told her Yes, I am! She proceeded to tell me I shot her friend’s wedding, and she had just gotten engaged and wanted me to be her photographer! She had no idea I was going to be at Castleton for that event and was planning on emailing me the next day. We talked for at least 15 minutes, and I already knew we were meant to work together. I don’t say yes to every single client that asks. I want to get to know them, feel a connection, and make sure we mesh well before I commit to capturing one of the most important days of their life. But with Megan, it was an instant connection. It was just days after that initial conversation that she became an official #AMPbride and we started planning their Market Square and World’s Fair Site engagement session.

Fast forward to this past weekend when I arrived to Tupelo Honey in Market Square to meet Caleb for the first time. They fit together so well. He is the yin to her yang…and the way he looks at her! Gosh! So stinking sweet. Not to mention, after we finished their drinks on the Tupelo Honey patio, we went over to the courtyard area at TVA, and one of the first things out of Caleb’s mouth was how much he loved pictures. I’ve had more and more grooms lately tell me this, and I am just loving it. I need to go ahead and start an #AMPgroom hashtag because not only are they loving photos, but they’re also posting about them and leaving reviews of their own. I’m seriously blown away and am just so thankful for every single one of the couples the Lord is crossing my path with!

As you scroll, you’ll notice some spots I’ve shot in before, but you’ll also see some new ones I found with Megan and Caleb. And I LOVE them! Finding new spots is ALWAYS fun, and I’m so thankful they just trusted me and let me steer us the entire time we shot their Market Square and World’s Fair Site engagement session!

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