Knox Botanical Gardens 6 month session

I cannot BELIEVE it’s already been 6 months since this little nugget was born. Does anyone else feel this weird time warp thing from 2020? On the one hand, I feel like the non-mask wearing days were forever ago and COVID has been around for years, but on the other hand, I cannot believe we are a third of the way through November with only a month and a half of the year left. During the first half of Kinsley’s Knox Botanical Gardens 6 month session, I kept calling her 3 months. In my head, it really felt like 3 months ago that I was taking her newborn photos. But no…the little munchkin is 6 months old already!! She’s almost sitting all by herself, and her little smile is just DARLING.

As quickly as this whole year feels like it’s gone by, the last month and a half has flown faster than the 10x’s fast forward mode on Netflix. But I guess I should be thankful for that, right?! I mean, the faster time flies, the sooner we’ll get back to normal, right? I know if there’s one thing every single person on the planet can agree on, it’s that we would all like to get back to life as normal. But there’s a nag in the back of my heart that says Noooooo!!! Just enjoy this season. This weird, strange, crazy season. Find the silver linings and embrace them to their fullest. Make the most of this time because as you wish away the bad things, they take the good things right along with them. So, here I am. Caught in this vicious cycle of keeping my sweet kiddos right where they are (minus Hazel’s night wakings…those can go, too!) and wanting time to fly back into the normal living days again.

So, tell me, friends. How do you reconcile these two emotions??? Mine just feel like they are constantly in competition with one another.

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