Peter Kern Library Elopement

Sara works with a past bride of mine at Altar’d State. She got my name from her but unfortunately, I was going to be in Maine the day she was getting married. I told her that I do have a team of photographers who shoot on my behalf when this happens and she jumped on the opportunity to hire one of my associates. When I decided to start offering associate photographers, I first prayed about it. I know this isn’t for everyone. Some photographers offer associates just like me while others it just doesn’t work for. Some photographers are great at being associates and shooting for someone else while others struggle with it. Some clients love it while others don’t prefer it. So when it came time for me to decide if I wanted to offer this as an option, I first prayed about it. From the time that I opened AMP, I knew it was God calling me to it. I knew it was His plan working and I’ve seen proof of that time and time again over these past ten years! And one of the ways that I know the associate option was right for AMP is because of the way that He is matching these clients up with my associates. There’s really no rhyme or reason as to how I choose which associate is going to shoot which event. I normally just rotate between them and it obviously depends on their availability. But every single time that I have an associate come back from shooting an event on my behalf, both the associate and the client feel like they were a perfect match. Both adore each other and have nothing but great things to say. This stayed true for Sara & Todd with Brittany as she shot their elopement photos in the Peter Kern library and around downtown.

Knowing that AMP could still serve a couple well even when I wasn’t physically able to be here and serve Sara and Todd myself, is the best. I love my associate team and am so thankful to them for their love and support of AMP. Shout out to Brittany Sidwell Photography for taking time out of her insanely busy schedule to shoot Sara and Todd’s Peter Kern elopement for me! I couldn’t have done it with you friend… literally 🙂

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Vendors used by Natalie & Anthony:

AMP Associate Photographer: Brittany Sidwell Photography

Picture Location: Peter Kern Library

Florist: Southern Bella Blooms

Calligraphy: Brittany Ivey Designs

Bridal Attire: BHLDN

Jewelry & Masks: Vow’d

Groom’s Attire: Bonobos

Purse: Zara

Makeup: Grace Mears

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