Every time I shoot a senior session, I’m reminded how far removed from high school I’m getting. I’m not one of those people that hates their birthday because it means I’m a year older. I’ve decided I’m just going to embrace the aging thing and count it as a win because it means one more year of wisdom absorbed under my belt and one more year of life well lived. I do hate, however, the feeling of being “outdated.” Honestly, how in the world do people keep up with all the slang. I feel like it’s changing every 6 months, and just when I understand what something means, it’s irrelevant and replaced with a new one 😂 But that is neither here nor there. This blog is about Andrew. A senior guy with a plan and some style. We got together for his Forks of the River senior session, and I may or may not have made him laugh really hard at my mom jokes. I’m not sure if he was laughing because the joke was funny or because of how corny they were, but either way, I’m good with it because his laugh smile is the best!

Andrew is going to UT, and he plans to study Finance. I’m impressed he already knows what he wants to do as his career, and he hasn’t even graduated from Powell High School yet. He even gave his momma a kiss on her head when she hopped in for a shot with him, and I’m so thankful for that. It’s funny how perspectives change as you have kids. I never would have thought to ask for that pre-motherhood. But now, I know the sweet bond I have with Grayson, and he better be willing to give me a kiss on my head when I take him to get his senior pictures. And on his wedding day. And every single time I hire a professional to take pictures of us. And every single time Dustin grabs my phone to get a picture of us…wait…too far? ha! It’s fine. He’ll love it, right? 😂

Now, get to scrolling, folks. You’re going to love this Forks of the River senior session!

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