Eagle Rock Maternity Session

Marjorie and Andrew started planning their maternity session with me months ago. We experienced hurdle after hurdle after hurdle. Marjorie and Andrew moved to Florida from Washington state a couple years ago. One of Marjorie’s favorite things in Washington was the mountains. She had always dreamed of having maternity pictures taken in front of the mountain views, but flying to Washington at 31 weeks pregnant is not an option. So, the next best thing within driving distance was the Smoky Mountains. When she initially reached out to me, I sent several locations back to her as options. The only one she really fell in love with was the Sky Bridge.

So, I reached out to them. They said they weren’t offering it at the time, (June) but they were putting together a package to go live in the fall for photographers to rent it out by the hour and to check back then. So, we waited. and waited. and waited. Finally, mid-October, we still hadn’t seen anything on their site about it and reached back out only to find out this was “never their plan” and they “didn’t know what we were talking about.” Ugh. Really??

Back to square one.

I sent some more locations, and Marjorie just wasn’t loving any of them. It needed to be local to Knoxville because driving to Max Patch or Roan Mountain after an 8 hour drive to Knoxville with a 31 week pregnant woman was out of the question. After throwing out all the big guns, I finally reached out a friend who knows the owner of Eagle Rock. I shot at Eagle Rock one other time for a camp counselor and found out it was a one time chance. Eagle Rock is a Christian retreat and reserved for just that. Not available for other things. I was really down to my last idea so I asked, and Eagle Rock so graciously said yes.

Fast forward to a few days before we were supposed to shoot, and Andrew was in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. He was negative, twice, but they would not let him leave for 14 days. So, we had to postpone. Thankfully, Eagle Rock was flexible with us and allowed us to postpone. The day they were in town (just one day), however, it was SUPER overcast and foggy and drizzly and FREEZING. I felt so terrible for them driving up the mountain with thick clouds laying on top of the mountains. Once we arrived and started talking about the weather in Washington, it turns out the current weather made them feel right at home because that’s exactly how it is there most of the time.

It all worked out, and I’m absolutely THRILLED with these photos! See more of this Eagle Rock maternity session as you scroll!

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