Home Lifestyle Session for Baby Kai

The Burton family is a family you’ve seen on here a lot. All with in home lifestyle sessions. They have 4 kiddos, and the last two I have been fortunate enough to photograph about every 3 months. They have done the same series of shots in Morgan and Tophor’s bedroom since the very first babe. It usually takes about 45 minutes to get all of the series shots then I get some time to do individual shots for that particular session! I have calendar alerts to tell me to reach out every 3 months to get it scheduled. This year, baby Kai turned 9 months right in the busiest fall of my entire career. My calendar alert went off when I was shooting a session, and I remember thinking, don’t forget to reach out to Morgan. But I did. And Morgan was also slammed and forgot to reach out to me, and we didn’t get it scheduled until Kai was approaching 10 months. Thankfully, there isn’t much change between the 9th and 10th months, and this little man’s in home lifestyle session was so much fun. This particular in home lifestyle session had a little bit of a different feel to it because we didn’t do ALL of the series shots this time. Instead, we left a little more open to the kids playing, jumping on the bed, dancing on the floor, and playing with the pups. It was so stinking cute!

Also, I need to add how much I absolutely adore Kai. His hair is my favorite, but those baby blues and the way he adores his sisters. It’s the sweetest dynamic. I know Morgan and Tophor are in a really hard season right now. Not because they said anything close to that but because I know having two young children is hard enough and they have FOUR. I see their life 20 years from now though, and it looks very similar to my in-laws’ who also have four adult children. The family get togethers are so amazing. The closeness is incredible, and it’s truly so much fun.

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