A Branding Session at The Pavilion at Hunter Valley

Darrin and Sheila Perryman are a realtor husband and wife duo that make up The Perryman Group. They are with Honors Real Estate Services based out of West Knoxville but serve all of East Tennessee. I know the Perrymans through our church and recently joined a small group with them at the beginning of this year. Back when we were all quarantining, I launched a branding package to start serving other small businesses with branding sessions. I was really excited about it, promoted it pretty hard, and booked a couple. Then, summer weddings kicked in full force, and the year got so busy the branding sessions kind of fell by the wayside. But the Perrymans didn’t forget about it. They reached out to me once their busy season settled down a bit, and we scheduled a branding session at The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm. When I launched my branding sessions, I promoted them with wanting to show some more of my clients’ personal side. To really put THEM into their brand to help them tell more of their story to draw in clients they want to work with. That’s exactly what we did with Darrin, Sheila, and their boys, Jackson and Bryson!

When choosing a location, we knew we wanted it to be a place that embraced their brand but also represented things they love. We narrowed it down to wanting water close by and being somewhere more green vs. urban. Then, I looked at their logo and immediately the beach at The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm came to mind. It served us perfectly.

I adore this family. The thing I love most about them is what incredible listeners they are. Even their boys who are just 12 and 13 years old listen so well. They listen, and they remember. Multiple times at small group, we have seen them one week, and two weeks later when we see them again, they are asking us about whatever it was we talked with them about last time. In detail. How do they remember so well? I’m thinking it might have something to do with this being what they practice with all of their clients. They listen to you. They remember what you tell them. Then, they help find the right buyer for your home and the right home for you.

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