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That subheading makes it sound like I am a travel agent. I’m not, but I am a photographer who LOVES having my family photos taken when we do trips to cool cities with new landscapes. And it’s hard, you guys. It’s hard to find a good, trustworthy, local photographer when you’re not from the area you are looking in. Word of mouth is EVERYTHING, and when you don’t live somewhere, you don’t hear any word of mouth. For families exploring a Smoky Mountain family getaway and want to have some epic, beautiful photos taken while you’re here altogether, I’m your girl.

In the photography world, we referred to these as adventure sessions. They get this name because you are on an “adventure” in a new place, exploring new things with your family. This particular session is less of an “adventure” and more of an “everyone is FINALLY all together, dressed cutely, and available so let’s do this thing.” I’m totally down for that, too.

In fact. This particular session had nasty, rainy weather outside so instead of doing more of an adventure style with epic mountain views, we had to stick inside their ADORABLE cabin. Also, I’m not a travel agent, but if I had to shoot inside any cabin, this was the best cabin to do it. These were SO much cuter than the normal cabins I show up at. In case you are interested, it is part of the line of cabins on Walden’s Ridge, and they are so modern and absolutely beautiful with crazy awesome views.

I’m a Knoxville Wedding Photographer that loves to travel…I shoot anywhere! Click here to contact me with any questions you have about pricing or booking! If you liked what you saw above, go ahead and follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see my daily updates of the latest sessions!

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