Spence Cabin Family Session

This family came to a cabin in the Smokies with both sets of grandparents and a set of great grandparents to celebrate their youngest turning one. They came from Texas, one of the grandparents came from North Carolina, and the others came from South Carolina. They were only in town for a long weekend, but they made the most of their time here hiking and adventuring through the mountains. One of those adventures was with me. I met them at their cabin so we could get a few photos of the great grandparents with the birthday boy. As soon as we finished with those, we headed straight out to finish up with a Spence Cabin family session, and the trip from their cabin to Spence Cabin was a little bit of an adventure. Windy, curvy, hilly roads shrinking to a width with no center lines and letting other cars pass by putting your outside tires in the dirt is something East Tennesseans are used to, but this is not standard practice in many other states. Then, we came to a one way wooden bridge where we had to let someone else cross before we did. Lastly, we had no cell service most of the drive. It’s so funny to think of something that is so normal to us is so not the common practice in most of the US 🤣.

I’m so thankful I got to serve this sweet family, and they were able to get together this year to celebrate this precious little man. I have gotten to take a couple Spence Cabin family sessions this off season, and I am really enjoying it. Every time I come home, I tell Dustin I want to go back to the mountains with the kids and just spend a whole day exploring. Every time we do this, usually unplanned, it always leaves me feeling full in a way I didn’t even know I needed. It’s truly quite wonderful. I would love to shoot some more Smoky Mountain sessions if anyone is up for it. Except Cades Cove. The logistics of Cades Cove are so hard, and I’m starting to appreciate the other locations so much more.

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