Favorite Engagement Photos from 2019 It’s here. 2019’s best of the best engagement photos. Yesterday, you saw my best of the best wedding photos, and now, it’s engagements. Tomorrow will be all the other best of the best portraits. You’ll find so many different venues listed below. Among them are McGhee Tyson Airport, The Apple […]

Arrington Vineyards, Atlanta, Baxter Gardens, Brewery, Calhouns on the River, Castleton Farms, Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Forks of the River, Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Knoxville Zoo, Marblegate Farm, McGhee Tyson Airport, Meads Quarry, Melton Hill Park, Norris Dam, Percy Warner Park, Piedmont Park, Proposal, The Apple Barn, UT Campus, UT Gardens, Volunteer Landing

2019 Favorite Engagement Images

January 22, 2020


Baxter Gardens Portraits Seems like every single time I shot Baxter Gardens Portraits this year, there was perfect lighting. Gabby & Zach’s engagement session was no exception. But I want to spend a little bit of this post talking about outfit choices. Gabby and Zach’s clothing was SO on point with the location. I always […]

Baxter Gardens, Engagements

Baxter Gardens Portraits || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Gabby & Zach

Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Baxter Gardens Session The last two years in the month of April, I did a Baxter Gardens Session almost two or three times a week. It seemed like every single client wanted their photos there…and rightly so, because it is gorgeous. This year, however, my first time there wasn’t until 10 days into the month. […]

Baxter Gardens, Engagements

Baxter Gardens || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Julia & Jacob

Dogwood blooms at this Baxter Gardens Engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


2018 Favorite Portraits There is a second branch to Amanda May Photos, and that is portrait photography. Portrait photography includes seniors, families, newborns, maternities, birthdays, headshots, fundraisers, anniversaries, and more. It’s pretty much anything I shoot that is not a wedding or an engagement, which are the main purpose of AMP. Sometimes, it means shooting […]

Adair Park, Amanda May Photos Studio, Anniversary, Baxter Gardens, Bicentennial Mall Park, Cades Cove, Calhouns on the River, Commercial, Cumberland Falls, Downtown Knoxville, Downtown Nashville, Estate of Grace, Family, Fruit and Berry Patch, Hope Resource Center, Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Lakeshore Park, Lifestyle, Maternity, Meads Quarry, Melton Hill Park, Newborn, Neyland Stadium, Norris Dam, Oakes Farm, Percy Warner Park, Personal, Sampson's Hollow, Seniors, Shelby Bottoms, Smoky Mountains, Spout Springs Vineyard, Steeplechase, University of the Cumberlands, UT Campus, UT Gardens, Volunteer Landing

2018 Favorite Portraits || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Personal

Toddler toss at this 2018 Favorite Portraits by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


2018 Favorite Engagements Yesterday, you saw my 2018 favorite wedding photos post. One of my FAVORITE posts to look back on in my year review analysis. Now, I want to share my 2018 favorite engagements post. Also long, but not nearly as long as the wedding post. I’m sure it took your browser a solid […]

Baxter Gardens, Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Estate of Grace, Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Lakeshore Park, Meads Quarry, Melton Hill Park, Neyland Stadium, Norris Dam, Sampson's Hollow, Smoky Mountains, Steeplechase, University of the Cumberlands, UT Campus, UT Gardens, Volunteer Landing, World Fair Site, World's Fair Park

2018 Favorite Engagements || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Personal


Baxter Gardens Head Shots It’s literally been 2 years since I met the infamous Brittany Sidwell of Brittany Sidwell Photography. We talked over lunch with some other fellow photogs about creating a wedding photography group in Knoxville. Then, we all went paddle boarding on the Tennessee River with Billy Lush Rentals. And although that wedding […]

Baxter Gardens, Commercial

Baxter Gardens Head Shots || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Brittany Sidwell Photography


Baxter Gardens 1 Year Session Can you tell I am loving me some Baxter Gardens right now?? This spring has brought a LOT of rain, which has pushed a LOT of sessions from March into April. Then, I found out that Baxter is open the ENTIRE month of April, and well…I just couldn’t help myself. […]

Baxter Gardens, Family

Baxter Gardens 1 Year Sesh || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Eylan Rhoades


Baxter Gardens Maternity Session Meet my big bro. This is Brad, his wife Crissy, and their two boys Keagan & Gavin. They are adding baby Harper into the mix this coming June, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I was so excited when they let me take some Baxter Gardens Maternity pictures for them this […]

Baxter Gardens, Maternity

Baxter Gardens || Maternity Session || Hensley Family


Baxter Gardens Engagement Baxter Gardens is one of those hidden gems in North Knoxville that only comes out for a very very short season. Every year, during the Dogwood Arts Festival, the Holston family opens up their private residence to the public to enjoy one AMAZING landscaping job. You have the option to drive through […]

Baxter Gardens, Downtown Knoxville, Engagements

Downtown & Baxter Gardens Engagement || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Danielle & Matt


Baxter Gardens Family Session Gosh… this family. I just love them to pieces. I met them at Baxter Gardens this past weekend to do some Baxter Gardens Family pictures for them. If you don’t remember, I photographed Abby’s newborn photos 6 months ago!! (WHAT?!? How has it been 6 months already??) And at the time, […]

Baxter Gardens, Family

Baxter Gardens Family Session || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Abby Cooper is 6 Months

Knoxville, TN wedding photographer

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