Urban Engagement Session This couple. Where do I even start??? First of all, they are adorable. Second of all, I’m totally obsessed with their urban engagement session. Third of all, we have so much in common already. The day they get married, I actually already have two other weddings. Typically, I don’t take on a […]

Downtown Knoxville, Skyline Engagement, Sunsphere Engagement

Urban Engagement Session || Knoxville, TN || Jessica & Joel

February 10, 2021

heal click at urban engagement session


Downtown Family Photos Mark surprised Delyn with a family session for her Christmas present. He found me, reached out to me, scheduled with me, and to her surprise, we met by the big Christmas tree for some downtown family photos. When they arrived, I started with my usual opening spiel. I told them what to […]

Anniversary, Downtown Knoxville, Family

Downtown Family Photos || Knoxville, TN || Mark & Delyn

arms around waist at downtown family photos


Courthouse Engagement Session Sarah and Troy are from California. They moved to Knoxville for Troy to complete his PhD in philosophy. They haven’t explored much because as soon as they moved here, the pandemic hit and everything shut down. The part of town they know best is downtown. They also wanted a staple Knoxville location […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Knoxville Courthouse

Courthouse Engagement Session || Knoxville, TN || Sarah & Troy

gay street at courthouse engagement


Emporium Wedding One of the things I love most about Laura Beth and Trevor is they know exactly what they want, and they go for it. I felt this way before their wedding day, but after hearing the toasts at the reception, I think this is a trait that goes back much further than just […]

Downtown Knoxville, Emporium, Weddings

Emporium Wedding || Knoxville, TN || Laura Beth & Trevor


A couple months ago I was at the Castleton Experience to get some “behind the scenes” shots of the ladies working the event there. If you’ve never been to Castleton, their grounds are HUGE and really spread out. To get the entire event, I was trekking back and forth across the property over and over […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, World's Fair Park

Market Square || World’s Fair Site || Knoxville, TN || Megan & Caleb

market square


Rainy Downtown Knoxville Engagement Session You know how we had the best spring ever? It felt like the cool temperatures lasted for 2 months, and all the blooms came out in waves so they lasted the whole time. Then, there was a week of crazy spring showers where it was supposed to be beautiful, but […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Rainy

Downtown Knoxville Engagement || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Brooke & Ian


K-Brew Engagement Session I’m not gonna lie I’m a sucker for a good local coffee shop as much as your hipster neighbor. K-Brew is one of the bigger ones close to my house, and it is my preferred choice when I have time to sit at a coffee shop to work. When Laura Beth and […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, K-Brew

K-Brew Engagement || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Laura Beth & Trevor

couple holding hands


Knox County Courthouse Wedding I’ve shot a Knox County Courthouse Wedding before, but there is one way that this one was a little bit different. In the past, I’ve photographed the ceremony, followed by some family photos and bride and groom photos around downtown. Leah and Tony did that as well, but at the end, […]

Downtown Knoxville, Elopement, Knoxville Courthouse, Lonesome Dove

Courthouse Wedding || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Leah & Tony

Market square at this Knox County Courthouse Wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Favorite Engagement Photos from 2019 It’s here. 2019’s best of the best engagement photos. Yesterday, you saw my best of the best wedding photos, and now, it’s engagements. Tomorrow will be all the other best of the best portraits. You’ll find so many different venues listed below. Among them are McGhee Tyson Airport, The Apple […]

Arrington Vineyards, Atlanta, Baxter Gardens, Brewery, Calhouns on the River, Castleton Farms, Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Forks of the River, Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Knoxville Zoo, Marblegate Farm, McGhee Tyson Airport, Meads Quarry, Melton Hill Park, Norris Dam, Percy Warner Park, Piedmont Park, Proposal, The Apple Barn, UT Campus, UT Gardens, Volunteer Landing

2019 Favorite Engagement Images


Downtown Knoxville Maternity There are going to be two main purposes to this blog post. 1) To share Bre and Matt’s downtown Knoxville maternity session that I just love and 2) to share some really awesome news about their nephew that I know they are just as excited to share with the world! So here […]

Downtown Knoxville, Maternity

Downtown Knoxville Maternity || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Breana & Matthew

Glowing parents at this Downtown Knoxville Maternity by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Knoxville Engagement Session These two live in Kentucky and came south for their Knoxville engagement session. It was the first day of the season where it was bitterly cold outside (even though you would never be able to tell in the photos), and these two were seriously champs as the chill bumps crept up on […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Downtown Knoxville Engagement || Botanical Gardens || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Whitney & Jordan

Urban doorway at this Knoxville engagement session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Fall Knoxville Botanical Engagement In the wedding photography industry, most clients come by word of mouth. This typically leads to shooting very similar personalities because current clients are friends with people that are similar to them. In the marketing world, we can connect most of our current clients back to past clients like a family […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Knoxville Botanical || Downtown Knoxville Engagement || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Patricia & Donny

Downtown Knoxville at this Fall Knoxville Botanical Engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Downtown Knoxville and Knoxville Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Lauren and Tucker are getting married at a new venue in Johnson City, Tennessee, called Waterstone. This venue looks more and more amazing every time I see images from it! I am so utterly stoked to shoot there in May 2020. Until then, I’m here to share […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Downtown Knoxville || Knoxville Botanical Gardens || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Lauren & Tucker

Khaki sport coat at this Knoxville Botanical Gardens engagement by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Downtown Knoxville and Meads Quarry Engagement Session There is one thing that a client can say to their photographer that will literally make that photographer’s heart jump for joy, and it’s this, “Oh, I totally trust you, I know you’re going to do a great job!” That’s it. That one little phrase. I have worked REALLY REALLY hard over the years to generate a culture around the […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Meads Quarry

Downtown Knoxville || Meads Quarry || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Caroline & Christian

Family pups at this Meads Quarry Session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


2018 Favorite Portraits There is a second branch to Amanda May Photos, and that is portrait photography. Portrait photography includes seniors, families, newborns, maternities, birthdays, headshots, fundraisers, anniversaries, and more. It’s pretty much anything I shoot that is not a wedding or an engagement, which are the main purpose of AMP. Sometimes, it means shooting […]

Adair Park, Amanda May Photos Studio, Anniversary, Baxter Gardens, Bicentennial Mall Park, Cades Cove, Calhouns on the River, Commercial, Cumberland Falls, Downtown Knoxville, Downtown Nashville, Estate of Grace, Family, Fruit and Berry Patch, Hope Resource Center, Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Lakeshore Park, Lifestyle, Maternity, Meads Quarry, Melton Hill Park, Newborn, Neyland Stadium, Norris Dam, Oakes Farm, Percy Warner Park, Personal, Sampson's Hollow, Seniors, Shelby Bottoms, Smoky Mountains, Spout Springs Vineyard, Steeplechase, University of the Cumberlands, UT Campus, UT Gardens, Volunteer Landing

2018 Favorite Portraits || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Personal

Toddler toss at this 2018 Favorite Portraits by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.

Knoxville, TN wedding photographer

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