The Grand Finale I’m not quite sure how I want to end my 7 day COVID-19 series with you. Obviously, we are still on lockdown. As much as we wish it was over in just 7 days, it’s gotten worse and worse. I know there will be a point where it turns and starts to […]

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COVID-19: The Finale

March 26, 2020


The Never Again 50% Off PRINT SALE As I typed out this header, I almost said “The Annual Print Sale” or the “Semi-Annual Print Sale.” Neither of those are true though because the ONLY time I give a sale on prints is if you book a preview party with me. Meaning if you hire me […]

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Print Sale

Knoxville, TN wedding photographer

I'm Amanda May and I'm pretty stoked that you're here. I'm a three on the enneagram, a smiler when things get awkward, and I would love for you to get to know me more over on my about page.


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