Island Home Airport Engagement Session I love airplanes, I love traveling, and I think I was MEANT to photograph this couple for so many reasons. 1) Their names are Devin and Delaney. I have two sisters-in-law named Devin and Dylana (pronounced the same except “uh” at the end instead of “ee”). 2) I am JUST […]

Engagements, Island Home Airport

Island Home Airport || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Devin & Delaney

March 13, 2020

Island Home Airport Engagement


Spring Wedding at Castleton Okay… so when I say spring wedding at Castleton Farms, I really mean spring-ish. One of the things that I love most about Castleton is that they have very few landscaping designs that look dead in the winter. This wedding was this past weekend, March 7th. I would not necessarily consider […]

Castleton Farms, Weddings

Spring Wedding at Castleton || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Sarah & Ryan

Spring wedding at Castleton


A Fresh 48 and Newborn session This blog post is going to be a little bit unique in that I combined two different sessions into one post because they happened so close together. Baby Kai was born the Friday before last. He was welcomed into the world by his parents and three sisters with a […]

Family, Fresh 48, Newborn

Fresh 48 & Newborn || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Kairyn Burton

Baby yawning at his fresh 48 photos


Winter Engagement at Melton Hill Park If you have ever been introduced to me or been the person who introduces me to someone else, you’ve heard me say I’m bad with names. I am the world’s worst. I want to think it’s because there are 900 things coursing through my head at any given time […]

Engagements, Melton Hill Park

Winter Engagement at Melton Hill Park || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Ashley & Stephen

Sitting on a dock at their winter engagement at Melton Hill Park


Castleton Farms Wedding Caity and Kaleb’s Castleton Farms wedding was my first back for the season. Every year for the past 6 or 7 years, I’ve had a January wedding. This year I didn’t, and I just know in my bones it’s because God knew I needed a long break for our move. Not to […]

Castleton Farms, Weddings

Castleton Farms Wedding || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Caity & Kaleb

Bride and groom at their Castleton Farms wedding


Maple Grove Estate Maternity Oh man, you guys. This family means a lot to me. I feel like I say that a lot on here. Talking about my different clients, but this one is an extra lot. This is my virtual assistant, right hand woman, idea bouncer off-er, play date partner, small group leader, amazing […]

Maple Grove Estate, Maternity

Maple Grove Estate Maternity || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Beth & Adam

Family of three holding hands


Top 5 Ways to Find Bridal Education Put your hand up if you are trying to plan a wedding and have no frickin’ clue what you’re doing. Now, keep your hand up if this is the first wedding you’ve planned. If your hand is up right now, trust me when I tell you that you […]

Wedding Planning 101

Wedding Planning 101: Bridal Education


Newborn Photos of Sarah Ruth You know, sometimes you meet people that you just click with. You can talk for 2 minutes, and you find at least 15 things you have in common. It happened this week to a couple we showed our house to. No, it’s not back on the market, but they found […]

Lifestyle, Newborn

Newborn Photos || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Sarah Ruth Price

Mom and dad holding newborn baby


Urban Engagement at The Pharmacy It’s not every day I get asked to take a film picture for one of my couples. Or that I am working with a photographer to shoot his engagement photos. For Houston and Christina, however, this was the case at their urban engagement session at The Pharmacy. When we arrived […]


Urban Engagement Session || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Houston & Christina

Couple laughing downtown


Knox County Courthouse Wedding This is the second courthouse wedding I’ve gotten to shoot this month and I just love it. If having the big wedding isn’t for you… then don’t do it. It’s not for everyone and that is a-okay! You will still get all the feels and all the emotions when it’s just […]


Knox County Courthouse Wedding || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Laura & Chris

Wedding portraits at Krutch Park


Maternity Session for the Burton Family Since we photograph the Burton family in their bedroom at home for all their sessions, I really like to challenge myself to get a few different looking images every session. We have the go-to ones that we get every time so that Morgan can compare them session to session […]

Family, Maternity

Maternity || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Burton Family

by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Okay. Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS the children in this lifestyle session are???? Tristan and Brandon make some pretty kids. And Willow (the little girl) has the most amazing hair color I’ve ever seen and yes… it is natural. I would say Southern (oldest boy) is the ham of the family. He likes […]

Family, Lifestyle

Home Lifestyle Session || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Blair Family

The whole family at this lifestyle session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Knox County Courthouse Wedding I’ve shot a Knox County Courthouse Wedding before, but there is one way that this one was a little bit different. In the past, I’ve photographed the ceremony, followed by some family photos and bride and groom photos around downtown. Leah and Tony did that as well, but at the end, […]

Downtown Knoxville, Elopement, Knoxville Courthouse, Lonesome Dove

Courthouse Wedding || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Leah & Tony

Market square at this Knox County Courthouse Wedding by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Cumberland Mountain Engagement Last week, I went to Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, TN, for an engagement session. The couple I met was Cierra and Chandler. They are getting married at a resort on a tropical island in June (Yes, I did try to tag along, but I will be shooting a good ole […]

Cumberland Mountain State Park, Engagements

Cumberland Mountain State Park Engagement || Crossville, TN || Cierra & Chandler

Mountain stream at this Cumberland Mountain Engagement Session by Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Amanda May Photos.


Should you do a boudoir session? This is the question that burdens a lot of brides. I get it all the time… I could NEVER do that, but I know my fiancè would LOVE it. Let me put your mind at ease and give you a few pieces of information you may not have thought […]

Wedding Planning 101, Weddings

Wedding Planning 101: Boudoir Session

Knoxville, TN wedding photographer

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