Wedding Day Timeline One thing that surprises new brides the most is how early they have to get in their dress to start photos before the ceremony. Now this will vary from photographer to photographer… some photographers are less hands on and just document the day unfolding, some photographers spend an hour with just the […]

Wedding Planning 101, Weddings

Wedding Planning 101 || The Importance of a Timeline

April 24, 2019


Lifestyle 6 Month Session I genuinely love the color palette of this family’s life. This creamy, boho feel gets me excited for their session every three months! Avenly Burton has officially had her lifestyle 6 month session. Morgan and Topher decided to do a baby’s first year package before Avenly was born. They got a […]

Family, Lifestyle, The Quarry

Lifestyle 6 Month Session || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Avenly Burton


Baxter Gardens Session The last two years in the month of April, I did a Baxter Gardens Session almost two or three times a week. It seemed like every single client wanted their photos there…and rightly so, because it is gorgeous. This year, however, my first time there wasn’t until 10 days into the month. […]

Baxter Gardens, Engagements

Baxter Gardens || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Julia & Jacob


Mommy & Me Session Wanna know one of the things that photographers do when they hang out? Take photos of one another. In this case, take photos of one another AND their kiddos :-). Last week, Brittany Sidwell Photography and I met up with our two boys for a Mommy & Me session. Her babe […]

Family, Personal, UT Gardens

UT Gardens || Mommy & Me Session!


Hope Resource Session I normally do the Hope Resource session in the fall, but I’m going to have a baby this fall so they graciously allowed me to schedule the session for spring. We chose UT Gardens as our location this year, and it was SO gorgeous! Also, the 70 degree, sunny weather was such […]

Family, Hope Resource Center, UT Gardens

UT Gardens || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Hope Resource Center


Downtown Knoxville and Meads Quarry Engagement Session There is one thing that a client can say to their photographer that will literally make that photographer’s heart jump for joy, and it’s this, “Oh, I totally trust you, I know you’re going to do a great job!” That’s it. That one little phrase. I have worked REALLY REALLY hard over the years to generate a culture around the […]

Downtown Knoxville, Engagements, Meads Quarry

Downtown Knoxville || Meads Quarry || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Caroline & Christian


The Press Room Wedding When I arrived to this Press Room wedding, the bride’s mother was the first to greet me. I walked in the door, and she said, “AMANDA MAY!! It’s so wonderful to finally meet you!!! And congratulations on your new little baby!!!” In that instant, I felt the joy that was surrounding […]

The Press Room, Weddings

The Press Room || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Abby & Jimmy


Farm Engagement Session I met this couple through a fabulous wedding planner named Megan Matthews that I went to college with. We all met up one evening in my home office, and I immediately knew I loved this couple. Evan is goofy and likes to make Andie smile, and Andie is so sweet and so […]


Loudon Farm Engagement || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Andie & Evan


Lifestyle Newborn Session Emily and Brit just went from being parents of one to parents of two. At their lifestyle newborn session, the first thing I asked Emily was so how crazy is it really??? as I am also about to enter that phase of life. So far so good was her initial response. Then, she told me a really hilarious story that […]

Family, Lifestyle, Newborn

Lifestyle Newborn || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Jase Ratliff


Bridal Session: It’s not just about getting pretty pictures There is so much more to a bridal session than just getting pretty pictures of yourself. 15-20 years ago, bridal portraits were part of the engagement process. You then printed one of those photos on a massive scale, had it framed, and sat it on a […]

Bridal, Wedding Planning 101, Weddings

Wedding Planning 101 || Why do a Bridal Session?


Marblegate Farm Engagement Marblegate Farm launched in April of 2018, and shortly after I booked a 2019 wedding there. I saw their launch and knew they were gorgeous, but I actually hadn’t been there in person yet. Then, Becca and Kris decided on a Marblegate Farm engagement session, which took me to the property, and […]

Engagements, Marblegate Farm

Marblegate Farm Engagement || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Becca & Kris


1 Year Studio This week was very busy with shooting, which is a refreshing change of pace from all the computer work I’ve been doing the last two weeks. I’ve had some portraits every day, and this family was one of them. The Moyers: a family that feels like my family at this point. I […]

Amanda May Photos Studio, Family

1 Year Studio || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Cooper Moyer


Max Patch Engagement Session I have driven to Max Patch so many times, but never by myself and pregnant. If there’s one thing to know about me as you read this story, it’s that I pay NO attention to directions when I’m the passenger. I can basically never get myself somewhere for a second time […]

Engagements, Max Patch

Max Patch Mountain || Knoxville, TN Photographer || Amanda & Andrew


Harlinsdale Farm When I look at the image above from this Harlinsdale Farm family session, I laugh because this adorable 2 year old LOVES his puppy, and his puppy is totally just taking it. I also see so much joy in the threads of this family it makes my heart burst! Meet Lauren & Mike […]

Family, Harlinsdale Farm, Nashville TN

Harlinsdale Farm || Nashville, TN || Reese Family


Harlinsdale Farm Sunrise Session No matter what city you live in, it’s natural to develop relationships with the people around you. Sometimes, it’s seasonal relationships that fade when you don’t live in close proximity to one another, and sometimes, it’s close friendships that lead to more phone calls as the distance grows. Then, there’s something […]

Family, Harlinsdale Farm, Nashville TN

Harlinsdale Farm || Nashville, TN Photographer || Norton Family

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